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Knife shop menu

You may have come for the knives, but you'll stay for the famous Knife Shop Cafe menu. We've created a menu that ranges from brilliant coffees to outstanding lunches and sensational breakfasts! Whether you're after something light like one of our world class toasties or something lighter, browse here to find what you're looking for.

Feel free to contact us below if you have any queries.

   Ofxford ST: Porridge W/ Stewed Fruits and  Yoghurt                                                                                                              $8
   Gold St: Homemade Muesli w/ Creamy yoghurt and stewed fruits                                                                                     $8
   Easey St: Toast and conserves                                                                                                                                                             $6
   Smith St: Homemade fruit and nut loaf                                                                                                                                          $7
   Mater St: French toast w: crispy bacon and mapple syrup                                                                                                        $16
   Sackville St: Omelette w/ sweet potato, roasted red capsicum, cheese ans spinach on toast                                       $15
   Johnston St: Eggs, chorizo, capsicum, tomato, onion, scrambled together on toast                                                        $17
   Alexander St: Homemade hollandaise and eggs on cornbread, w/ salmon, spinach o ham                                         $17
   Wellington St: Eggs, sausage, bacon, tomato, hash brown, mushrooms and homemade beans                                  $18
   Ltl Wellington St: Bacon, mushrooms, homemade beans, chorizo and poached egg on homemade corn bread  $14
   Hotham St: Eggs any-style on toast                                                                                                                                                    $12
   Dight St: Sweet potato rosti w/ bacon, spinach and poached egg                                                                                           $15

   Magpie Muffin: Bacon, egg, BBQ sauce, and cheese on English muff                                                                                    $6
   Collingwood Muff: Cheesy omelette and tomato relish on English muff                                                                            $6
   Toasties: Choice of 3 fillings, served with crisps and salad +  per extra filling                                                                     $9
   Bacon & Egg Roll: Two fried egg, bacon and BBQ sauce in a toasted  Turkish bun                                                         $ 9.5
   Legless: Egg, bacon, cheese,avocado, tomato relish, potato rosti in a toasted Turkish bun                                            $12
Hipless: Egg, cheese, avocado, tomato relish, potato rosti in a toasted English muffin                                                        $8
BLT/ Blat: Bacon, lettuce,tomato and aioli on a toasted Turkish bun                                                                                        $10
Stanley St: Cajun chicken, cos lettuce, cheese, tomato and aioli on a toasted Turkish bun                                               $12
Peel St: Pesto marinated roast vegetables with haloumi and spinach on Turk                                                                         $11

   Emma st: Coconut poached chicken salad with roast cherry tomatoes                                                                                   $16
   Blanche: Classic Caesar w/ anchovies, parmesan, croutons, bacon and a poached egg on cos lettuce                        $17
   Forest St: Spinach, roast capsicum, pumpkin, fig & haloumi w/ honey poppyseed dressing                                         $16

Homemade beans, roast tomato, spinach, bacon, ham, mushrooms, hollandaise,
egg, hash brown, tomato relish, avocado, sausage, potato rosti, salmon, haloumi                                                                 $2.5

Opening days & hours the knife shop cafe:
Monday-Friday: 7 am-3.30pm
Saturday: 8am-3.30pm
Sunday: 9am-3.30pm
Phone: (03) 94172091